Frequency & Flow

4 things human design has given me

October 06, 2022 Bree Kuryk Episode 57
Frequency & Flow
4 things human design has given me
Show Notes

Human design is a complex tool with a variety of insights & purposes but WHY should you care about it? 

As a marketer, I’ve learned that the most important indicator of your expertise is your ability to explain something in a way that meets your audience where they are at and helps them understand what it can do for them simply, concisely, and effectively. 

There’s very few human design experts that can do this well and I’m committed to getting this tool in the hands of as many people who need & want it as possible. I’m tackling the big question, “What can human design do for you?” by explaining the 4 things that human design has given me.

In this episode I discuss:

  • How you know if someone is an expert in their field or just someone who can regurgitate facts & information
  • A situation I faced recently that forever changed how I will talk about human design
  • The 4 big, HUGE things that human design has given me, 
  • What each of those 4 things means, why they’re important, and how specifically human design has helped with each.

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