Frequency & Flow

Introduction to Gene Keys for entrepreneurs

October 13, 2022 Bree Kuryk Episode 58
Frequency & Flow
Introduction to Gene Keys for entrepreneurs
Show Notes

I’m giving a brief introduction & overview to the Gene Keys because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this system and how I use it with my entrepreneur clients. 

I have loved Gene Keys since the moment I decided to dive in and I know you will benefit from its teachings as well. This a vast, deep topic (as most systems based on ancient wisdom are) so I’m going to be introducing this system at a very high level through the lens of my process. 

This means it will definitely not be a comprehensive training by any means, but should give you a place to start when it comes to using Gene Keys for your own business & marketing strategy should you be called to explore it further.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • An overview of Gene Keys and how it’s similar and different than human design
  • The best way to work with the Gene Keys for yourself on a personal level and for your business as an entrepreneur
  • My own process for exploring & contemplating the Gene Keys and how I leverage this system with my own clients
  • The 3 main sequences of the Gene Keys Golden Path and what each of them can tell you or help you discover - the Genius Activation sequence, the Venus sequence of Relationships, and the Pearl sequence of Prosperity

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