Frequency & Flow

Creative Flow & Consistency with Olesy Oligradska, Sales & Energy Mentor

October 20, 2022 Bree Kuryk Episode 59
Frequency & Flow
Creative Flow & Consistency with Olesy Oligradska, Sales & Energy Mentor
Show Notes

What is the best way to bring new creative ideas into physical form & avoid inconsistency?

That is the question that I am diving into with our very special podcast guest, Olesya Oligradska, a 6 / 3 Sacral Generator.

Olesya is an exercise rehab specialist turned sales and energy mentor who is on a mission to change the way people view and experience sales! After building her first 6 figure business on referrals and relationships alone, Olesya uses her experience to teach others how they too can build a business through aligned sales. 

Olesya is also the host of The Soulful Selling Podcast, where sales is no longer a dirty word and abundance gets to be your new norm. Previously featured in Brainz Magazine as well as various business podcasts, Olesya continues to find ways to deliver sales in a way that feels authentic, aligned and from the soul.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Olesya’s journey from pre-med student, to Kinesiologist to Sales & Energetic mentor (and the fun similarities between her & Bree’s backgrounds)
  • How the open & undefined centers in her human design chart impact her consistency & why it’s important to embrace the times she is inconsistent
  • How she is perfectly designed to be a sales mentor & to guide others break traditional paradigms around selling
  • Ways that she can get “unstuck” when it comes to creative inspiration to encourage more consistency.

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